I am a licensed esthetician in Washington state. I have worked in the spa and beauty industry for the past 10 years.  During my mid to late 20’s I struggled with Cystic Acne.  My journey through that devastating experience made me decide to become a master esthetician and help people with their skin concerns.  I have worked in every aspect of this beauty industry ncluding both spa, medical spa and sales settings.  Throughout my travels, I have been to many different spas around the world.  These spas incorporate in many unique ingredients and techniques, which help give clients a taste of each culture.  I want to share my experience and expertise with you.  There is so much advertising in the beauty industry and it can get overwhelming trying to pick out the correct regimen for your skin. I will talk about skin care, ingredients, spas and help navigate through this complex world of beauty.  I look forward to our journey together!