Liquid Rom erlin

If you are looking to unwind or recharge this is the perfect spa to come to. I would recommend atleast two hours here minimum. It’s easy to spend the entire afternoon and evening here.

My favorite part of this spa is the warm saltwater pool in a dimmed copula hall. The special feature in the pool is the classical or electronic underwater music. The underwater color and light effects make this a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Reflections of the moonlight can be seen throughout the water when it shines at its highest point on certain nights. Various dj’s come and perform here from time to time.

This spa is great for solo travelers, couples, groups and anyone looking to unwind. It is co-ed and has four nude saunas. This spa is known for its unique architecture and it looks like a circus tent out of the film Clockwork Orange. You can enjoy a full menu of delicious food and drinks while you pamper yourself. This is a co-ed sp and there are four nude saunas, so not for the modest at heart. They offer complimentary infusions everyday in order to help promote relaxation and rejuvenation. 

I do recommend making reservations as they do book quickly for access and massage services. This spa is great for adults and open late.


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